What Are YOU Feeding Your Mind With? by Carol

After reading this post, go to the continuation I wrote in the next post called “Learning to live life between bites”

We might, at times, not be quite content to be where we are or who we are with. We can be fiercely protective of our possessions, our religious beliefs and political views. Sometimes we can be frustratingly secretive and be selectively distrustful of others. At other times we can laugh, tell tall tales and light up a room for hours at end.

But what are we feeding our minds with? I have become fully aware that my most inconspicuous derogative passing quiet thought can be unhealthy and self-destructive. As such, I now challenge myself, to see things in a positive perspective, to cross out even the most subtle disparaging thought. For me, it is a means to experience life to the fullest most loving potential.

On the surface, even though I could function in society, I lived with a quiet inner awful torment. You would have never even suspected anything. I hid it well, even to myself.

The difference is, now that I have done the work, I am content, happily able to contribute to society because I changed my focus.

In comparison, life now, is a walk in the park. (… To be continued…)

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Posted on 03 Dec 2012, by Carol

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3 comments to What Are YOU Feeding Your Mind With? by Carol

  1. Sara
    On Dec 4th 2012 at 07:14

    What a wonderful blog to read first thing in the morning….I can hardly wait for the follow-up. So insightful. A honest reflection on my own struggles. Thank you

    • Carol
      On Dec 4th 2012 at 10:18

      Thanks. I am thrilled that this piece spoke to you. Seeing one’s inner destructive thoughts is pretty much the road to recovery.
      In a much more simplified example, I liken it to a golfer trying to improve performance: only when flaws are pointed out, seen, comprehended and practiced can they be corrected.
      Keep in touch

  2. Barry Hingley
    On Jan 23rd 2013 at 03:12

    Times we can be up to our ass in swamps !Even if can find the drain &or pull the plug !&Drain the swamp!There’s the crocidiles&aligators to cope with!!!We have lots more options With M>H>&teams &pro’s plus help available!In my day only had one psyciatrist&social worker !Plus could not even talk with Doctors &Nurses worked with!Thankfull Today much better!Help!!!