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Carol on The Holiday Season

Here come the holidays again. Observant or not, it certainly involves the joy of connecting or reconnecting with family, friends and those you work with every day, and lest we forget, shopping for that special gift. Life’s schedules vary, from juggling family and work schedules to trying to occupy ourselves from getting bored to death [...]

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Sortir la famille de l’ombre…

Families often face the same stigma, discrimination, and isolation that comes with having a mental illness.—-Linda Lee Ross Tous les proches-aidants, quel que soit le type de maladie dont souffre le proche, ont beaucoup de choses en commun : l’affection qu’ils portent au proche, la culpabilité d’être en santé alors que l’autre souffre, l’inquiétude, l’impuissance, la [...]