The Shadow in the Room by Carol

The art of interpretation in a live performance (music, dance, theater, etc) is an ongoing process of improving technique while tapping into intuition and intention. It takes at least a decade to master a skill, but a lifetime of experience to harness skill with intention and intuition.

Stage fright occurs before a live performance partly because skilled precision and creative intention are to combine and convey artistic expression in its purest form in one single shot…no retakes.

Fear that stifles can keep the performance artist off that stage more often than on it. However, If harnessed properly, fear can be a great motivator for improvement towards highest form of artistic expression.

Is life not a bit like that?

Thankfully, we can use fear as a means of protecting ourselves.

On the flip side, could fear ultimately stunt one’s emotional stability, stifle one’s ability function to full capacity? Though one can be functional in society, living with fear is the “shadow in the room” that keeps one from living life to the fullest.

There is a common expression “…go with the flow” which can be achieved by just merely thinking about it. But to sustain this philosophy takes much practice.

Allowing oneself to live life to the fullest potential despite any kind of fear, hesitation etc, is precisely what can feel most enjoyable if one allows it to. You might fear that an event could trigger some huge emotional downward spiral.

Rather than be in emotional turmoil, remind yourself that your fear is like “the shadow in the room”. It does not have to hurt or even impact you. Note that you are allowed to fear and you are also allowed to let that fear go. The entire process can actually be something enjoyable provided one “,,,goes with the flow” of life.

An artist must accept fear and fumbles, allow each moment to count, be intuitive and present with the most sincere intention. Enjoy your life as if you are the artist and not like the fearful victim of … “The Shadow in the Room”.

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Posted on 25 Mar 2013, by Carol

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2 comments to The Shadow in the Room by Carol

  1. Heather
    On Nov 8th 2013 at 01:43

    I had to show this unique blog, “The Shadow in the Room | Recovery Talks” together with my own
    good friends on twitter. Isimply desired to pass on your outstanding writing!
    Thanks a lot, Lemuel

    • Carol
      On Nov 8th 2013 at 12:13

      Heather or Dennis or Lemuel or all the above…Thank You !! Hope to hear about your friend’s reactions …