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Les fantassins de la mémoire

Par Florence Meney C’était tout  récemment, un vendredi de fin d’automne déjà hivernal. Les arrogants flocons d’une neige trop précoce tombaient sur le parcours de golf de La Prairie. Dans la grande salle du centre de conférence, un ilot de chaleur et d’activité cassait la monotonie des étendues givrées. Ils étaient là, près de trois [...]

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The Solace of Family

We are happy to be welcoming a new contributor to Recovery Talks, Sylvie Bouchard, who provides family peer support in Emergency at the Douglas Mental Health University Institute. The first position of its kind at the Douglas, Sylvie’s is an invaluable role; supporting families as one who has also experienced firsthand what can be involved [...]

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Everything you Need to Know About Eating Disorders Program but Were Afraid to Ask by Carol

We all have inner dialogue. It’s normal. It significantly affects one’s actions and emotions. For those affected by an eating disorder, it’s critical to shed light on harmful inner dialogue before attempting to shift one’s actions. One-on-one therapy sheds awareness of how your mind thinks and appropriately reconnects you with your emotions. A good connection [...]


Vive la différence! Shift Happens!

My work makes me lucky. I get up every morning knowing I will have the opportunity that day, to walk beside someone who is trying very hard to make changes in their lives, often making the world around them, a better place to be. There is still so much fear around mental health; my cheeriness [...]