Carol on The Holiday Season

Here come the holidays again. Observant or not, it certainly involves the joy of connecting or reconnecting with family, friends and those you work with every day, and lest we forget, shopping for that special gift.

Life’s schedules vary, from juggling family and work schedules to trying to occupy ourselves from getting bored to death and to every other scenario in between.

Regardless of one’s situation, at the end of the day, it’s going to come down to a simple smile, a glance, a nice comment, a thank you. It can also be about personal gratitude for all you have while focusing on the positive and enjoying life.

Let us agree that it’s important to be part of a community and to enjoy each other’s company during the holiday season,

That said, those of us living in colder climates can find it more isolating in winter. Though traditional greetings gives us a feeling of happiness and love, it can expose us to catching the common cold. To optimize wellness and stay connected in our communities, maybe an air kiss and “fist bop” might be fun to try.

Meanwhile, enjoy the holidays and stay connected to your community of family and friends.

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Posted on 09 Dec 2013, by Carol

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