Travel is quite the Learning Curve by Carol

Traveling is part of an important learning curve with regards to rituals, anxiety, fear and acceptance of change. For some the ability to cope in a new environment can be easier, while extremely difficult for others. There are in fact, people who chose not to travel due to shear terror.

I’ve traveled extensively to tropical countries, at first for a week or two at a time. The trips were either all inclusive, or part of a cruise ship tour. Those trips almost resembled a home away from home package, so adapting was smooth. Twice I spent a couple of weeks abroad, living with locals, renting a flat out of their homes, and found the experience much more rewarding.

Rather than trying to recreate a home away from home, living like locals taught much about acceptance. At first, for me, it’s always difficult to strip away the layers of life back home, but once stripped, an overwhelming feeling of meditative lifestyle envelops. It’s like going to meditation classes, but this time, you are in it all the time. It’s not euphoria, but more like everything slows down yet time flies by even faster. Does that make sense?

I used to hear people say, including myself for that matter “…if I can’t live my life like I do at home, I am not going away…” I am glad I did not maintain this philosophy, as it is an amazing experience to learn about the richness of cultures, environments, lives and customs of a place so far away from home.

Just as I am getting the hang of living, I am finding my life at 50 to be much more finite. I lost a dear friend a couple of weeks ago, she was 57. Having lost her all too young reminded me that life not a right but a gift, a privilege to be embraced and grateful for.

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Posted on 27 Jan 2013, by Carol

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