My Favourite Hothouse Flowers

This time of the year, rain or shine, is all about the flowers for me.

I live to garden, and I garden as I live; with planning, effort, a dash of whimsy and most importantly, hope.

By balcony, back yard, terracotta pots or hanging basket, whatever form my gardening has taken over the years, the plants and flowers that become most precious to me are always the ones that take more care, where at first, I am little uncertain as to if and how they “will take”.

You wait. You watch. You hope. And when they do finally bloom and flourish, you bask in the rewards of patience.

“Hothouse flowers”, certain flora does require a wee bit more time, focus, protection and devotion, but when they show their splendor they can take your breath away.

My favorite hothouse flowers of all…shy people.

Whether in friendship, neighbours, boyfriends or teachers, I have always been attracted by the enigma of the slower to brew folks who require a bit more time to show their beauty, share their secrets.

The apparent quietness of a shy soul casts a spell.

Maybe it is the richness of their mystery, the surprise of who they truly are on the inside that beckons.

Perhaps the shared comfort that develops over the time required in a trust that is earned is what soothes me.

Shy people make the greatest “compagnon de route”; they witness, they listen, they observe and they imagine.

When you are welcomed into their world after careful consideration, you can feast your sights on all their hidden treasures.

Shyness for some of us can often feel far from spectacular or captivating.

Growing up we can feel fragile, socially awkward, concerned with how we “measure up”, and worried one can’t seem to “keep in step” with the pace of some of our peers.

This can bring about social or performance anxiety at school or work, which in turn can lead to using alcohol or drugs to deal with fears, or preoccupation with weight and shape, as a way of coping.

The truth is that we all have the same worries and fears about ourselves.

Will people like me, will I do ok in this or that situation, will I make a fool of myself if I take a risk and say what is on my mind or in my heart?

Those of us that seem to express ourselves more easily or quickly just deal with our anxiety differently.

We feel better, when we “dive into” a situation quickly. Jumping in reduces our anxiety about what will happen, where as shy people feel less anxious seeing what happens and then “jumping in”.

What I may enjoy most about shy people is the choreography of the dance; I can’t wait to see what adventures that following the lead of a seemingly more reserved, yet intriguing dancer will direct me to….

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Posted on 17 Jun 2013, by Linda Lee Ross

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4 comments to My Favourite Hothouse Flowers

  1. Liette Desjardins
    On Jun 18th 2013 at 07:43

    Hello Linda.
    Love your prose “My favorite hothouse flowers of all … shy people”. Being someone who is extroverted, I have a tendency to overlook shy people in my social life. But you reminded me that a shy smile of recognition from a patient that hesitates to talk is one of the reward of nursing care. Thanks. Liette

    • Linda Lee Ross
      On Jun 19th 2013 at 10:11

      Merci Liette ! Yes, that kind of smile often makes my day ♥♥♥. LL

  2. Nicole de Foy
    On Jun 20th 2013 at 08:59

    I so agree with you – I particularly have an affection for the awkward, a little off quilter and the ones with what may be perceived as a lisp or stutter….what gems they are, and what sensitivity they grace us with.

  3. Shiri Freiwald
    On Jun 20th 2013 at 15:41

    Beautiful observations Linda Lee, thank you!