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Things you have to be OK with if you support Trump

The unfortunate thing about democracy is that we can’t get our way on every issue. We have to choose the leader who is closest to our way of thinking. Inevitably we have to accept compromises in order to get the greatest number of our preferred policies enacted. But how many compromises do we have to [...]


The beautiful and the ugly…of human nature

Hi folks, I know I’ve been away a while but I haven’t gone anywhere. I am no longer at the Douglas Institute but plan to keep blogging for many years to come I hope. This blog will probably move at some point but so far let’s stick with the status quo. Yesterday I published this [...]

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I am the son of immigrants

What more can be said about Donald Trump’s America that hasn’t been said? It isn’t even about him in particular. It’s about the mentality he represents. That enough people share his thinking is what’s most disturbing. Give me your tired, your poor / Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free / The wretched refuse of [...]


Can we learn from history?

Sorry, folks. It took a while to find my writing discipline again. Here is something I published yesterday on the rising trend of identity politics in the Huffington Post. (See: Tribalism Remains Mankind’s Most Dangerous Instinct) CAN WE LEARN FROM HISTORY? Here’s a disturbing thought. If human nature produced the atrocities of the last century, [...]

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I can still touch my ceiling!

Hi folks, I decided to take the easy way out and honour the Rio Olympics by dragging out an old post. It was originally published in this blog in 2012. (I can touch my ceiling…and other great Olympic feats!). A slightly updated version (with unfortunately a much more bland title chosen by them) was published [...]

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Black Man, Dead Man

I published this in The Huffington Post following the events in the US last week: (See What Is Feeding Gun Violence, Racism and Anger). BLACK MAN, DEAD MAN Last week’s death toll: two black men following what should have been routine police interventions – or even non-interventions – and five white officers gunned down by [...]

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Killing made easy

Hi, I published this article in the Huffington Post this week in the aftermath of the massacre in Orlando. (see: If You Think ‘Guns Don’t Kill People’ You Are Missing The Point) KILLING MADE EASY The National Rifle Association in the United States, and other gun owner lobby groups constantly proclaim the “Guns don’t kill. [...]

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Screwed up parents, screwed up kids

Screwed up parents, screwed up kids!* (Chers lecteurs Francophones. SVP, voir la note plus bas. Merci) Screwed up parents almost always produce screwed up kids but screwed up kids don’t always have screwed up parents. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had the ability to ensure our children turned out well-adjusted, functional and happy? I [...]


Can I do more?

CAN I DO MORE? (SVP, Voir plus bas pour la version Française) Can I do more? This question is a trap if I ever heard one. Can I do more to help my parents? Can I do a better job on this assignment? Can I eat better? These types of questions are endless and the [...]


Science and marketing: Strange bedfellows

(SVP, voir plus bas pour la version Française) Here’s something I published today in the on-line version of Metro. Someone who read it asked me if it meant I was against all ‘Soft’ sciences. I’m not sure what is meant by that word but I am not for or against anything per se. Science simply [...]

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