Malala and the triumph of good over evil

Many people wonder if human beings are fundamentally good or evil.

Most of us will acknowledge that there is a bit of both in the world. I agree but the quantity of each is not fixed in stone. Good and bad actions are forces that influence our collective mindsets.

Malala Yousefzai was shot by the forces of evil. We are not always in control of events in our lives but we are in control of how we respond to them. It would have been easy to capitulate and shake her head at the injustice of such an act. Instead she stood defiant in the face of adversity and steadfastly continued to fight for a simple fundamental right – access to education for girls. If we need to look to someone to restore our faith in humanity and to move us all one step closer to good, we need look no further that to this remarkable young woman. Bravo Malala!

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Posted on 11 Dec 2014

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