The glorification of thieves

I don’t know about you but I can’t get my head around the fact that people like Vito Rizutto have so many mourners at their funerals and keep getting treated like celebrities.

If someone were to come up to me and make the following offer – pay me and I’ll protect you from harm, or don’t pay me and I’ll harm you - how am I supposed to react? Mafiosi and other organized criminals are all made of the same stuff. The stuff that makes someone reach into your wallet and take your money while you aren’t looking. Or how about what happened to my cousin in Italy? She had her car stolen and then had the thieves called her to say they would give it back if she paid them. What starts as a protection scam morphs into drug trafficking, prostitution, construction corruption, you name it. The common denominator is that they are stealing from people in every way they can.

Organized crime has taken on a certain aura of ‘coolness’ by depicting members as ‘followers of a code of honour.’ They flaunt their cars and wads of cash making it is easy for the population to be enamoured by their lifestyles. But in the end they got there by taking advantage of others. Pretty despicable if you ask me. It’s easy for them to be giving and kind to their friends and family members. They are often described as generous and loving. But who cares? Even the most evil people immaginable can be nice when it suits them. Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot all had people who loved them. But the measure of a man is not in how he treats his allies. It is in how he treats the people he doesn’t know.

Earn your money through hard work or ingenuity or both and I’ll respect you. Earn it through thievery and intimidation and you can go screw yourself. My father, an Italian immigrant, earned his money mopping floors. It wasn’t much but people were willing to pay as a fair exchange for his services. They were never MADE to pay in order for him not to hurt someone. He won’t have a dozen cars laden with flowers when it comes time for his funeral but he will have everyone’s true respect.

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Posted on 31 Dec 2013

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3 comments to The glorification of thieves

  1. diane lavallee
    On Jan 3rd 2014 at 14:19

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    je trouve qu il y a trop de problemes que je ne comprend pas
    EX: bipolarité personnalitée limite et toutes sortes qui nuisent et que je veux comprendre pour mieux détecté
    la description de ces symptomes et indices seraient tres appréciés

  2. Andrée Dupuis
    On Jan 3rd 2014 at 21:36

    Bonjour Camillo,

    Au souper de Noel, ma belle-soeur s’est montrée outrée par l’attention que les medias accordaient au décès et plus particulièrement, aux funérailles de Vito Rizutto.
    J’essaierai de lui traduire, le plus fidèlement possible, ton article.
    Personnellement, je me demande jusqu’où va le droit à l’information? Une courte mention aurait sans doute été suffisante. Où porter le débat?
    Un grand merci pour ce partage.

  3. Beth
    On Jan 6th 2014 at 22:00

    hope your father is still well