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Spiders, snakes and cakes

Have you ever noticed how common certain fears are while others are surprisingly rare? People can develop fears of just about anything but for the most part this doesn’t happen very often. Common fears seem to cluster around a few scary things and can include snakes, spiders, heights, and enclosed spaces. The interesting thing is [...]

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Rhinoceros as muse

Hi folks. Sorry for being away so long but such is life. We occasionally have to indulge our mistresses and mine is my golf game. It’s been an equally rewarding (78) and frustrating (98) experience so now I’m back to something I have a little more control over. In today’s column in Metro I return [...]

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I’ll trade you that needle for a bus ticket

In my last post I wrote about stigma by discussing how two similar experiences can be lived in radically different fashions. I used the example of losing a loved one. Because we live our lives through our subjective lenses it is easy to label someone as weak when they handle something less well than us. [...]

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