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Can I do more?

CAN I DO MORE? (SVP, Voir plus bas pour la version Française) Can I do more? This question is a trap if I ever heard one. Can I do more to help my parents? Can I do a better job on this assignment? Can I eat better? These types of questions are endless and the [...]


Aiming high and the pursuit of goals

Some people just don’t seem to care much about things while others seem to make an issue of everything. Our standards determine much of human achievement…and happiness. Except happiness doesn’t always seem to correlate with achievement. In today’s column in Métro, I tell a story of two salesmen, each of whom have very high standards. [...]

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How good is this post?

I have a confession to make. I sometimes make careless mistakes with my writing. Although I don’t like to let obvious grammatical or spelling errors slip by, I figure the alternative is worse. The alternative is spending an inordinate amount of time checking my posts and columns for accuracy. Frankly, I’d rather be golfing, or [...]

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