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But…but…what if a tornado hits during an earthquake?

We all have obsessions. As unpleasant as they may be, they do serve a protective function. It seems even a squirrel looks more than once when crossing a street! Double-checking and triple-checking is a way of eliminating errors caused by distraction or absentmindedness. But how far can we go with this? For a person with [...]


My dog has no willpower. Neither do I.

Willpower, where does it come from? Is it just a question of wanting something enough? In some ways it is but it is far from being that simple. Motivation comes not only from wanting something but also from how easy it is to attain it. In other words, we are more likely to do something [...]


I have a feeling about my feelings

This week’s article is about our tendency to add problems to our problems: I have a feeling about my feelings (Source: Je ressens quelque chose à propos de mes sentiments. Journal Métro, July 02, 2013) Voir plus bas pour la version Française. A funny thing about people is that we have feelings and then we [...]

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