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Turbans, tabouli, and identity politics

I’d like to start out by thanking Quebec Premier Pauline Marois for first inspiring the column I published last week in Métro. All the recent talk about religious headgear worn by soccer players made me decide to publish it. During the last provincial election she relied heavily on identity politics with her talk of a creating [...]



I have never quite understood the hype seen during each presidential inauguration. It just never seemed like that big a deal. On the other hand, while still way over the top, Barack Obama’s swearing in ceremony today was truly historic. Part of me says; What’s the big deal? Blacks seem fully integrated into American society. [...]

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Us versus Them… From time to time you will notice how themes keep coming back again throughout my posts. That’s because I believe we are not very complicated creatures. We just appear so. In reality, human nature appears complex because there are an infinite number of combinations and permutations that can manifest themselves as a result of [...]

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