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Why is everyone smarter than me?

Here’s another one from the vault published in 2005. It is about the impostor syndrome and why it tends to happen. For some bizarre reason, I seemed to like the use of CAPS back then. Go figure Speaking of feeling stupid, a kind reader pointed out that the title should actually read, “Why is everyone [...]

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The house of cards and the stack of chips

I don’t normally work with kids but one day I was called by a colleague whose nephew was struggling with exam anxiety. Having watched my video on youth anxiety, he asked if he could see me. Now anxiety is anxiety, whether in adolescents or adults, but I don’t normally work with clients so young. I tend [...]

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Aiming high and the pursuit of goals

Some people just don’t seem to care much about things while others seem to make an issue of everything. Our standards determine much of human achievement…and happiness. Except happiness doesn’t always seem to correlate with achievement. In today’s column in Métro, I tell a story of two salesmen, each of whom have very high standards. [...]

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Am I smart or just lucky?

We are constantly facing new challenges. Yet while some of us seem to be better at dealing with them than others, skill and intelligence are not the only qualities that set people apart. Two people with the exact same abilities will have radically different experiences when facing new challenges based on their attributional style and [...]

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The long and short of first impressions

Very few of us would want to give a bad impression to others, especially when we find ourselves in a new situation. That goes without saying. Unfortunately we cannot always guarantee that the impression we give others will be a good one. In general, while it is important to be aware of the effect we [...]

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