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Am I smart or just lucky?

We are constantly facing new challenges. Yet while some of us seem to be better at dealing with them than others, skill and intelligence are not the only qualities that set people apart. Two people with the exact same abilities will have radically different experiences when facing new challenges based on their attributional style and [...]

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I get bad thoughts

Every once in a while, very unpleasant or disturbing thoughts come into my head. Since there are many of them, it begs the question, “Am I one disturbed human whack-o?” Although some people might think I am, I believe I am relatively normal (“relatively” being the operative word here). What I am referring to are thoughts [...]


Taking back your life

There are always two blows one receives when one is the victim of a crime. The first is the direct loss of material or the sense of violation. This is what the criminal takes. But there is also a second blow, the impact on the victim’s sense of security. This is the consequence that can [...]

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Here is a link to an interview I did last week on the subject of using virtual reality devices to treat anxiety disorders. The interview was done by Pauline Boinot, who keeps a blog on cyber-health for the Public Health Research Institute of the University of Montreal. The interview questions were done in both English [...]

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H1N1: From frenzy to complacency to frenzy

Human beings are an odd lot. We like to have things simple and clear – (Which is the best hospital? Which is the greatest band of all time?) Unfortunately, despite our desire for black and white answers, our world is hopelessly grey. The current wave of frenzy over the H1N1 virus highlights what happens when [...]

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Goldie kicks the bucket!

My friends tell me I have a twisted way of seeing things (they must love me). Well, since I wouldn’t want to shatter their vision of me, I will continue from where I left off last week and examine another aspect of anxiety as I complete my great animal psychology trilogy. It’s no Lord of [...]

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Alvin bites the dust!

I called him Chippy. I’m sure he had a family…don’t all rodents? Do they celebrate Father’s Day? Do they hold tearful memorials for their crushed brethren while Alvin sings Amazing Grace a cappella? Is there a rodentia heaven? These are just some of the existential questions I asked myself following the tragic incident described below. [...]

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Influenza A (H1N1): From the reasonable to the ridiculous

In case you haven’t noticed yet, there is some concern spreading about the potential pandemic caused by the Influenza A H1N1 virus. The reactions range from complete indifference to utter hysteria - a wide range to say the least. I think this might be a good time to examine the nature of human anxiety when it comes to [...]


La Gestion de l’Anxiété

Voici la traduction Française d’un article sur la compréhension et le traitement de l’anxiété que j’ai écrit pour l’organisation Phobies-Zéro. Il est long mais pourrait benificier les personnes qui souffrent de ces problèmes. LA GESTION DE L’ANXIÉTÉ Les raisons de l’anxiété La douleur et les ours L’un d’entre nous aime-t-il se sentir anxieux? J’en doute. [...]


In defense of control freaks

CONTROL FREAK – such a pejorative term, isn’t it? After I wrote my last post, I had a client ask me, “I’m not a control freak, am I?” I said, “Of course you are, but that doesn’t make you a bad person.” People don’t control in order to dominate or to manipulate per se. They control in [...]

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