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Luka Magnotta, Schizophrenia, and the public’s perception of violence

It appears that Luka Magnotta’s lawyer will be arguing that his client is not criminally responsible in the murder and dismemberment of Lin Jun because he is suffering from Schizophrenia. I will wait until the evidence gets out before commenting on the specific case but since next week is Mental Illness Awareness Week I thought [...]


Blade gunner

What makes a man sleep with a gun under his pillow? …and what are the odds that a tragedy will happen as a result? People who live in a high crime area might think about what they would do if an intruder came into the house. Would a gun be a good way to ensure [...]

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I’m super focused on…hey, look at that!

I wonder if cavemen ever had to sit and pay attention to cave-teachers. I suppose if they did, a number of them would be diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, or whatever the cave equivalent of ADD was in those days. If you read the criteria for attention deficit disorder I’m pretty sure you’d swear you [...]

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