Art as ticket out of autistic isolation

I was recently made aware of this extraordinary visual artist by the name of Stephen Wiltshire who was first discovered when he was 11 in the UK.  Stephen was diagnosed with autism and was mute until the age of four. He began expressing himself not through words but through drawings; and drawing is something he does so well he is now world famous for his talent, has his own gallery and travels the world. You can take a look at his work in the gallery section of his own web site. Or listen to dozens of videos or TV specials about the man, now 35, who through his art found a ticket into the world of  people and places.

Note that his uncanny visual memory is an extraordinary one and quite unusual  even for ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) (.5 to 1% )sufferers often portrayed as what used to be called ‘idiot savants’.   The psychiatrist and researcher Laurent Mottron is presenting this evening at Louis H. Lafontaine psychiatric hospital to demystify erroneous beliefs about ASD.

For more on the arts with ASD sufferers see the Canadian Autism Society, take the time to go down the list to see the surprising variety of contributions and ongoing projects. To better understand ASD see the overview section.
More information about local ASD groups see: Autism-Montreal, while an extensive list of ressources in made available through Autism Central.

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Publié le 16 mar 2009

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