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Autisme en images

Un papa met en image la réalité émotionnelle et relationnelle à son fils.  Timothy Archibald  est photographe et Elijah est un enfant autiste. Vous pouvez voir la série appelée Echolilia sur le site du photographe: http://www.timothyarchibald.com Un livre est aussi disponible: http://www.echolilia.com/new-page/

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Art, therapy and autism

It is now common knowledge that some individuals with a diagnosis of AS (Autism Syndrome) or PDD-NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder, not otherwise specified) are exceptionally gifted. Stephen Wiltshire whom I mentionned in a previous posting is one of these. Though many AS children are quite capable drawers from an early age, many tend to focus on parts rather than the whole. The ability [...]

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Art as ticket out of autistic isolation

I was recently made aware of this extraordinary visual artist by the name of Stephen Wiltshire who was first discovered when he was 11 in the UK.  Stephen was diagnosed with autism and was mute until the age of four. He began expressing himself not through words but through drawings; and drawing is something he does [...]

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