Art therapy and dementia

Quality Dementia Care; Nurturing the Heart: creativity, art therapy and dementia

Is a 40+ page pdf document, published in 2007 and authored by  Dr Patricia Baines. Dr Baines trained as an Anthropologist, Psychologist and Art Therapist, and now works with Alzheimer’s  Australia Tasmania.
The document is available here.
Table of content




  1. Creative living: some practical idea for care givers
  2. Words slide away: but images may transcend memory loss
  3. The value of exhibitions
  4. Balancing the bad and the good:the therapist’s task
  5. Of turning on switches or finding hooks: about getting started
  6. Art therapy and dementia
  7. Potential beyond problems: research into the benefits of art therapy and creativity
  8. More important than eating or sleeping:the power of creativity from the perspective of persons living with dementia

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Publié le 24 fév 2010

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