Evidence based art therapy for medical conditions and PTSD

Listen to an interview with three art therapists talk about the benefits of art in oncology and medical based conditions(link below). Cathy Malchiodi’s blog posting talks about the evidence behind the practice. Read her introduction :

In a growing number of hospitals across the US [and Canada], cancer patients are using art to express emotions and reduce stress. It is one application of art therapy that has demonstrated outcome through several evidence-based studies. And it’s the subject of a recent public radio interview, « The Role of Art in Healing, » featuring Brunner’s first person account, and observations by art therapist Emily Johnson and yours truly [Cathy Malchiodi] about the importance of art therapy in cancer recovery and health in general. You can listen to the audio to learn more about Brunner’s journey and the field of medical art therapy right here.

Read the entire blog posting on Psychology Today : The Bone Fractured Fairy Tale: A Story of Art as Salvation | Psychology Today

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Publié le 13 juil 2009

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