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Tools of the Trade

I like to think of myself as a manly sort of man. Beyond belching and scratching myself in public, this also means that I can put up drywall, fix plumbing and lay tile (for example). To me, using tools and fixing stuff is part of being a man. So is carrying a Leatherman. The Leatherman [...]

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Genetic Lego

My mother, like I imagine most mothers do, has pictures of me and my brother on her desk at work. When interested parties (inevitably other mothers) ask what we do for our livings, she tells them she has one son that’s a “computer geek,” and another that’s “Dr. Frankenstein.” Clearly I’m the one who has [...]

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Two cents of variation…

My favorite t-shirt right now is black and says “98% chimp.” Someone asked me once if I really believed that was true. I said it wasn’t a question of belief, it’s a fact. And it is, if you look at it the right way. If you sequenced my DNA and compared it to a chimp’s, [...]

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Talking to myself over here?

I talk to myself, and not just a little. Drives my girlfriend crazy sometimes, not to mention my co-workers. I also talk to my environment – the television (especially during Habs games), my computer, lab equipment, particularly annoying nails, the refrigerator, whatever. Like I said, I talk to myself a lot. I’m told that I [...]