Expressive therapy conference

If anyone is traveling to Virginia in the next few days you may want to catch a two day creative arts therapies conference featuring some  well know pioneers in the field of dance, music, art, poetry and play therapies and at the same time earn CE credits.

Left is Judith Aron Rubin one of our most well known pioneers in the US. For years now we sporadically corresponded through the arts in therapy eforum. I manage but also off forum when Mrs Rubin was exploring ways to market the art therapy videos she was producing. We finally met two years ago at a conference, shared a meal and even the dance floor. What a lively woman she is. She is also the author of numerous books on the subject of art therapy.

If you can make the conference it is an opportunity. The schedule if found here.

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Publié le 08 juil 2009

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Un commentaire à Expressive therapy conference

  1. forum femme battue
    Le 4 avr 2013 à 09:08

    Cet billet est absolument joliment bien écrit et instructif ;-)