Readings in the creative arts-therapies

There are few art therapy related publications out of Canada. You will find they are quite different in flavor, content and the audience they cater to. You can read fulltext articles from the following web places:

Cheryl McLean publishes the: CCAHTE Journal . Cheryl Mclean is an art therapy graduate from Concordia University with a strong background in corporate communication. Her full profile can found here. Her focus is in the arts in medicine and mental health.

Issue 7 (the latest) can be read from this address: ; while back issues can be found here:

Poiesis is edited by Steven Levine a many times published author of expressive therapy books.  Some articles are made available from back issues through their website. Otherwise you can buy each issue through EGS press. Issue VIII has a number of web available articles, one by Shawn McNiff a well know art therapist from the States. Issues V and VI also offer web available articles.

The Canadian Art Therapy Association publishes a peer reviewed journal out of Ontario. It is only available through subscription only. Concordia University is subscribed and back issues can be consulted at the library.

American publications

*The American Art Therapy Association publishes a peer reviewed journal; its main focus are clinical issues. A few articles from their latest issue are made available until the next publication on their website: Check periodically for new ones. Otherwise they can be found through Concordia Library whom I believe is the only place where you can find the subscription (not available from McGill).

However more and more of the JAATA:AT papers are now available fulltext through the ERIC database online.

European publications

*The International Journal of Art Therapy, Inscape is a British publication available through Routledge: Taylor and Francis by subscription. Fulltext articles can be accessed by employees and interns working within the RUIS-McGill network. Any faculty or fulltime student can get access through their University library.

*The Arts in Psychotherapy is published by Elsevier and made available to institutional subscribers through Science direct (see above for access).

The Revue d’Art et Thérapie is a french publication one has to subscribe to to read. If my memory is correct Concordia University is subscribed.

The International Arts Therapies Journal (Online) is a refereed virtual journal in the creative arts therapies that is offered free of charge.

The journals with an asterisk are the main publications in the field today in English.  Please add your finds to the list in the comment area.

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