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Attachment markers in family drawings

Research on insecure child attachments has found significant correlation between early attachment history and family drawing indicators,  ruling out present day circumstances and IQ in children ages 8-9 years of low socio-economic status. The research contrasts two measures of attachment taken at 12 and 18 months, with the following assessments: Child behavior checklist (teacher reports), Maternal Life Stress [...]

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Art theories and drawings

There are many ways of apprehending children’s art, many conceptual windows from which artwork can be viewed. I re-read  Betty Joe Troeger’s(1992) article : Application of child art theories to the interpretation of children’s art (in AT: JAATA).  The paper is an overview of theories used to interpret children’s drawings. She lists nine influential theories [...]

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Tree as self symbol

Assessment procedures that use the tree as a symbol are the HTP: House, Tree, Person Test (Buck, 1948); TDT Tree Drawing Test (Koch, 1952);  DDS: Diagnostic Drawing Series (Cohen 1985); PPAT Person Picking an Apple from a Tree (Gantt 1990); TTM Tree Theme Method (Alexi & Gunnarsson 1995). A tree is often seen as a symbol of [...]

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