Great event coming up Tuesday!

Hi all,

There is going to be a “café scientifique” next Tuesday, Nov. 27 at 7pm, with a speaker I highly recommend. She is the Bell Mental Health and Anti-Stigma Research Chair working out of Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario – Dr. Heather Stuart.

I recently read her book “Paradigms Lost” and quoted it during my mini-psy presentation I gave on October 9th. She is a great researcher and her work is innovative and backed up by rigorous methodology.

Heather will be joined by our very own Dr. Rob Whitley, who is an expert on recovery, and Mike Pietrus, the Director of the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s Opening Minds project.

TITLE: Recovery from Serious Mental Health Issues: Facts and Fictions

LOCATION: Café l’Artère, 7000 Avenue du Parc

TIME: 7:00 pm

Hope to see you there!!

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Posted on 21 Nov 2012, by Janina Komaroff

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One comment to Great event coming up Tuesday!

  1. suzanne colet
    On Nov 27th 2012 at 09:45

    Please send me your regular news letter with scheduled events and talks.

    Thank you