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The High School Mantra: I’m a freakin’ loser!

Last March the Huffington Post was running a series on youth mental health. For that series I wrote an article about the theory of mind (the ability to imagine another person’s thoughts) and how the lack of this ability can impact children’s behaviour. This makes them point out differences in classmates because they are oblivious [...]

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On lady ‘staches and why kids can be so cruel

Hi, this was published in my Huffington Post Canada blog on March 3, 2016 (SVP, voir plus bas pour la version Française) On lady ‘staches and why children can be so cruel “Miss, how come you have a moustache like a man?” Did you ever hear a six-year old say something like this to a teacher? [...]

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I’d beat you up but I have my good stuff on!

It was my second week of ninth grade (now known as secondary-III) when I overheard a kid in a sports jacket and dress pants glare at another kid and say, “I’d beat you up, but I have my good stuff on.” Good stuff? What kind of ninth grader dresses up like John Travolta’s Tony Monero? [...]

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