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Tabula rasa? Not quite.

Here is something I published last week as a follow-up to my last post. I’ll add a few comments at the end. From whence our characters? (Source: D’où vient notre charactère? Journal Métro, May 22, 2012) Voir plus bas pour version Française. In my last column I wrote about the challenge of having – or [...]

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Take something to eat if you’re hungry

    I weigh a little over two hundred pounds. Not a healthy weight for a guy just under 5’7″ (170 cms) but still much better than what I carried around a few years ago. But if you’ve ever been around my mother at a dinner table you’d realize it’s a miracle I don’t weigh [...]


Genes trump Dad. So does Facebook.

If you have more than one child, or if you have siblings, you will be struck by how different they are. Same basic genetic make-up, radically different personalities. While siblings can be remarkably similar in many ways, just a few subtle differences – a little more of this trait, a little less of that one [...]

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